Craig Estimator

free program for population size estimation from mark-recapture data


Here, you can find reference to some literature related to mark-recapture studies.

Craig CC (1953): On the utilization of marked specimens in estimating populations of flying insects. Biometrika 40: 173-176. - the paper introducing several models for estimating population size from capture-recapture data. The Method 1 mentioned in the paper is used for computation in Craig Estimator.

Schwarz CJ, Seber GAF (1999): Estimating animal abundance: Review III. Statistical Science 14: 427-456. - the paper giving insight in great variety of methods for estimating animal abundance.

Schwarz CJ, Arnason AN (1996): A general methodology for the analysis of open-model capture recapture experiments. Biometrics 52: 860-873. - formulation of Jolly-Seber model that allows estimating population size. This formulation is also implemented in Program MARK, freely available software for parameter estimation of diverse mark-recapture methods.